Pre-U Programme Workshop for Frontier Learning

There was a campus tour yesterday for students from Frontier Learning and we were glad to be able to conduct a 2-hour design workshop for them.

We started the workshop by introducing the meaning of ‘designpreneur’ to the students. It was a no brainer for them as they can easily explained that it was a term made up of the words ‘designer’ and ‘entrepreneur’.

We required each group to think of a theme for their dream cafe and translate that idea onto the cups provided. The outcomes were quite amazing as they came up with some interesting doodles and pitches.

Group work

Cup design

Cup design

Pitching session

Pitching session

Students pitching their ideas

We would like to thank the students and their teachers who joined us. Although it was a short session, we hope that will inspire them to be kickstarters and designpreneurs one day. Before they left, we presented them with some souvenirs including our exclusive designpreneur badges.

Students of Frontier Learning in KDU

If you would like to attend a similar workshop, kindly email to or


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