3D Printing – The next design revolution


It was SCCA’s (School of Communication and Creative Arts) Media & Creative Arts Week. For the design theme, we had a chance to invite MakerZone, a Malaysia-owned crowdsourcing 3D design platform.

The sharing session was conducted by CEO of Makerzone, Mak Kwan Wuey who spoke about the history of 3D printing, the different types of 3D printers, the rules of 3D design for 3D printing and its application. The most interesting part of the talk was seeing a 3D design developed using software being transformed into a real piece of product that can be commercialised.


Setting up for a 3D printing talk at KDU School of Communication and Creative Arts


Before: 2D design


After: 3D print


Some of the 3D printed objects displayed at the talk

For more information about KDU Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design, visit: http://university.kdu.edu.my/programmes/communication-creative-arts/programmes/diploma-entrepreneurial-design

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