Mac OS or Windows for Designprenurs?

This is the question that we get asked a lot at education fairs and by our students. Therefore we thought it would be a great idea to blog about it here.

If you’re looking at the trend, designers, startup entrepreneurs and innovators would usually pick Mac any time without a doubt. As educators, we will never discourage our Entrepreneurial Design students from using PC or Windows-based laptops if that is their choice.

We hope the info below will help you make your pick that suits your needs.

1. Graphics, colour and typography are the three main elements designers handle in their daily work. Hence they need a reliable machine that can manage their needs. It is important for a designer to have colours and fonts to be the same on screen as they are on printed materials. Mac offers the advantage of font standardisation and colour accuracy. For this reason, many designers particularly graphic and print designers tend to lean towards Mac products.

2. Software applications, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, are developed for both Mac OS and PC Windows platform. There are no real differences between the Adobe CS software on each platform. However, the advantage of using PC is that you’ll have much wider range of software available solely for that platform – especially if you are a designer working in the gaming and 3D renderings / architecture. Web designers will also find PCs to be a better tool since fonts are not exactly a huge concern. For photographers and designers who do a lot of image rendering / editing, they tend to be Mac users. This is because Macs have a large amount of photo editing software and tools that are free and available on Mac platform only.

3. Many designers choose Macs because of “shortcut” keys. These tricks help increase efficiency. Of course, PCs and Windows-based laptops have shortcut keys too, although these keys differ between the platforms (e.g. only Mac has command key). Macs also offer the ability to easily maneuver projects with the Spaces function to reduce desktop clutter and makes work easy to find.

4. We have to admit that Macs have always been better designed from an aesthetic standpoint than Windows-based machines. Designers naturally gravitate towards beautiful designs. And since we all draw inspiration from our surroundings and absorb influences from the designs we come across, being surrounded by stylish interfaces all the time could inspire you to become a better designer.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 1.23.41 AM

Switch in KDU sells Apple products

Ultimately, choosing between Mac and PC or Windows-based laptop is a personal choice. In KDU, we have both PC and Mac labs for students to learn how to design on both machines. Our advice is for you to be able to work on both Mac and PC, as well as know the pros and cons of each computer. Remember that the type of computer you design on doesn’t determine the outcome or creativity of your work. It’s up to you and your skills to make good designs happen!


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