Have Fun, Learn and Earn College Credits

This semester, Diploma of Entrepreneurial Design is offering 5 subjects as follows:

  1. EDD 2023 Principles of Written Communication
  2. EDD 2103 Design Culture
  3. MCD 2074 Creative Strategy
  4. MCD 3014 Multimedia & Web Development
  5. MCD 2104 Desktop Publishing

On top of that, students also need to enrol to the compulsory module – Co-curricular Activities and Community (MPU2412).

During the orientation last week, the Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) had already briefed everyone on matters such has how to join clubs and activities to collect points for MPU2412. We encourage you to attend the event below and find your interest to discover your talents and make friends while earning points to pass this subject.

Club and societies recruitment drive


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