KDU on Bernama Radio: Turning Designers into Creative Assets for Commercialisation


For the first time, KDU University College is offering a new design programme in its PJ campus. Last night, our School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA) Head of School (HOS) Mr Ser Shaw Hong together with Academic Department Head (ADH) – Creative Arts Ms Pouline Koh Chai Lin made an appearance on Designed talk show at Bernama Radio24 FM93.9 to share their vision for the Entrepreneurial Design programme and discuss about turning designers into creative assets for commercialisation.


HOS Ser Shaw Hong with ADH Pouline Koh and Programme Leader of Entertainment Arts Richard Chua

Hosted by Vivian Toh, who is also the Editor-in-chief of CutOut, Malaysia’s design magazine, this third episode was planned in a way to achieve the following:

  1. Getting to know the overall picture of entrepreneurial design
  2. Defining creative assets and their importance to the creative economy
  3. Finding out the importance of entrepreneurial design course

A rehersal before the live show


Ready to go live!

Here are the promo and interview:

Below are the random questions posted to our HOS and ADH.

  1. Is there a growing interest of design students wanting to be entrepreneurs of their own? Why is that so?
  2. How do you see this group of creative entrepreneurs affecting the industry / economy? Can you give some examples from overseas?
  3. What do you foresee will happen if designers become entrepreneurs?
  4. Why do we need more design / creative entrepreneurs?
  5. As an educator, do you have a perspective on how design education could better prepare students to push their limits and become valuable creative assets?
  6. What have been your observations about the generation of today?
  7. Shaw Hong, having taught at various places in Thailand, can you give us a bit of your background and tell us what you have observed are similar or different from Malaysia in terms of the creative industry?
  8. Can you tell us about how the Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design course come about and how you did you discover that there is a need for it? What was the immediate realisation?
  9. What was it like to get it endorsed by Malaysia Design Council (MRM)? Do they share similar views with you and what are those views?
  10. Designers go on to provide creative solutions or start businesses for their clients. Why do you think the designers are not starting their own businesses when there is so much potential in them?
  11. What are the opportunities available for design students planning to become entrepreneurs?
  12. When is the right time for graduates to embark on an entrepreneurial path?
  13. What are employment opportunities like in this industry? How does that compare to others?
  14. What are the qualities a creative entrepreneur should have?
  15. What must educational institutions do to ensure the students are well equipped and ready for entrepreneurship?
  16. Tell us about some of the graduates who completed the Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design course.
  17. Pouline, since you are the one who designed the Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design for KDU University College, you probably have a good sense of how this course should prepare the students. How will the students be trained? In what areas?
  18. What approach is KDU University College using to give students a well-rounded study in entrepreneurial design?

A photo session with the producers.

If you would like to have further info about our Entrepreneurial Design programme, go to KDU official website or email to clkoh@kdu.edu.my.



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