SPM Students: How to Apply for Scholarships in Malaysia


Higher education in Malaysia is not free (and it’s not cheap either). The cost of education rises almost every year, so it is extremely crucial to plan ahead and consider the various options that are available to help finance your education. Your effort will help lessen your parents’ or guardian’s burden.

Applying for scholarship in Malaysia after SPM could be very difficult but it is definitely possible. To secure a scholarship in an institution of your choice, you must know how to identify the ones that are right for you and of course, which you are qualified for, and you must be ready to apply for these scholarships in the right way.

For example, if you’re interested to join our Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design January 2014 intake, you can apply for KDU University College scholarships (yes, with your SPM forecast results!). There are RM6mil worth of scholarships waiting for you!

To help you with your application process, here are the guidelines to assist you (adapted from Gerbang Pendidikan Malaysia):

  1. Don’t wait till after your SPM. Start the process as soon as you go into higher secondary levels.
  2. Your qualifications, your strengths and weaknesses, and your accomplishments (academic and co-curricular activities) are very important.
  3. Search for scholarships through various sources – the broader and wider your search (online and offline), the more likely you are going to succeed.
  4. Make a list of the scholarships that you think you are qualified for.
  5. Create a portfolio of all your achievements and accomplishments. If you’re applying for a design course like our Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design, you are advised to compile all your amazing artworks.
  6. Gather all the necessary information and documents relevant to your financial status and that of your parents or guardians.
  7. Request for necessary information and application forms from the institutions of your choice.
  8. Contact the sponsors of the scholarship if you’re not sure about your eligibility for the scholarship.
  9. Ensure that you have the letters of recommendation from the people who matter.
  10. Put in extra effort when preparing your essay because it could make a difference – whether you’ll be accepted or failed in the process. Remember to tweak your essay and personalize it according to the scholarship you’re applying for instead of sending out the same essay to all of them.
  11. Don’t copy essays from your friends, even though they may be applying for different scholarships.
  12. Get someone to check your essay for spelling and grammatical errors.
  13. Follow instructions when filling out your application forms.
  14. Ensure that you fill out applications in neat and legible handwriting if they cannot be printed or typed out.
  15. Double check your application to see if you’ve included all the necessary attachments and filled in all the right columns with the right information.
  16. Keep track of application deadlines and follow-up appointments and send in your applications well before the due date.
  17. If you’re submitting your application online, convert all your documents to a PDF format.
  18. Send your application through postal services that allow tracking and where you’re sure to receive an acknowledgement of receipt.
  19. Prepare for the personal interview which is part of every scholarship screening process.
  20. If you’re rejected, don’t stop there . Continue to try other sources.

Securing a scholarship is 10 percent luck and 90 percent effort. So what are you waiting for? Get to work and make it happen. Start by applying for a scholarship to study with us today!

If you would like to have further info about our Entrepreneurial Design programme, go to KDU official website or email to clkoh@kdu.edu.my.



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