A “New” Design School: KDU Entrepreneurial Design Prepares Students for Changing Industries

With disruptive innovation essentially redefining communication and business models, KDU Academic Head of Creative Arts Pouline Koh Chai Lin has great plans for the first intake of the Diploma students in Entrepreneurial Design.

According to Pouline Koh, “In today’s dynamic world, having a disruptive innovation capability is mandatory for any company to transform or create new markets.”

“However to initiate a disruptive innovation programme, it requires new mindsets and behaviours. Hence, in KDU we see the importance to inculcate these qualities and competencies via design thinking and design doing approaches on students to prepare them for the future job market.”

As the subject lecturer for Creative Strategy and Desktop Publishing for the past 2 years, the results achieved by the students under her guidance were significant. Here are some of the results:

For the first time, infographics were showcased in an exhibition. 57 students and a lecturer made this happen for the National Day celebration.



Fast food fashionistas?

Youtube Food Packaging by Dylan Tan's team

Youtube Food Packaging diplaying local delightsYouTube Takeaway!

KDU students explaning the concept of SKYPE packaging from left Ariel Koh,Belinda Soh, Denise, Javin Chong

Persuasion and presentation skills are vital to get your ideas across to your potential clients.

Pouline Koh believes that KDU Entrepreneurial Design is a forward thinking programme that embraces the “new” design school concept where graduates of this programme are not only able to compete in the job market, they are also designpreneurs who will create jobs for others. Here’s how KDU Entrepreneurial Design differentiate itself from the old design schools:


For the complete list of modules offered in Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design, click here. If you would like to have further info about this programme, go to KDU official website or email to clkoh@kdu.edu.my.



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